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Welcome to The Crown Inn, a traditional village pub serving home-cooked food seven days a week. Roaring log fires in winter, real ales and a pretty garden.

Monday - Saturday:
11am-3pm and 6pm-11pm

12 noon - 3pm and 7pm -10:30pm

Access and Visa accepted

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  Tel : 01428 712150 eMail
  History - some stories from 1871

A Review which appears on dooyoo

Crowning glory
by Andy Neil - written on 01.11.00

Advantages Small, friendly, very helpful, good menu, etc.
Disadvantages Perhaps not near a great deal of people, worth the trek for a nice lunch or dinner though.

A short PS at the beginning, rather than the end, someone told me the Crown was now in the good pub guide, so another opinion of it there if you are interested.

Of all the rural pubs I have visited around the country, the Crown Inn has to be one of the best. It is situated on the Hampshire side of the Surrey/Hants border, in Arford (about ten minutes drive from Haslemere). The Crown inhabits three old cottages, each over 200 hundred years old. This makes for a lovely homely setting, enhanced by the log fires, the collection of pictures from the relative locality and the various, but under-stated, other bits and pieces. This all adds up to a cosy feeling, one of warmth and welcome. In summer customers to the pub make good use of its attractive and well sized garden.

The pub serves London Pride, Abbot Ale, Adnams and a guest beer (from the likes of T.E.A, Stairway to Heaven, True Glory and a host of others), as well as the usual range of lagers, soft-drinks and spirits. The menu too is comprehensive, giving a selection of snacks or meals, as well as their increasingly famous 'stuffies' (as filling and tasty a meal as you will get anywhere for just over a fiver). They also serve a tasty selection of starters and desserts, all complemented by their daily specials board.

At a time when pubs are becoming increasingly brand orientated it is a joy to visit one where customer service, individual care and attention, and good home cooked meals are still valued. The polite, helpful staff, lead ably by the landlords, ensure all who try the pub once soon come back. A piece of what Britain used to be like, the traditional country pub, with great food, beer and atmosphere, this pub is a must for anyone who lives near enough to visit.

Just been back to pub for first time in seven months (been abroad not ignoring it) and it has changed a bit, for the better though (one might say evolved rather than changed I suppose). It now ha s large blackboards for main meals, ensuring a bigger range of main meals, more 'specials' in effect, as well as special or more rotating starters and desserts. On top of this seems to be an extension of the wine menu and house wines, but don't hold me to that as I am a beer drinker (in the pub with me mates, at home I am as cosmopolitan as the next man and enjoy a nice red).

Glad pub still there and looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with the regulars and anyone who comes to try it out.