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The email facilities are provided for Headley residents.


Types of mail address.

Type one - diversion addresses - *

These diversion addresses are available for incoming only email. The facility works by diverting any mail addressed to to your own email account - eg The advantage of this is that you have an email address which never varies, but you can amend or alter the receiving account. This is very useful for clubs and societies where an office bearer changes annually - but the club email address remains the same.

Type two - full email addresses - *

These addresses are available as normal mail accounts, giving both incoming and out-going mail. The facility makes use of Google's GMAIL service to provide the accounts, with the ability to use either webmail interface or to access the mail from POP3, IMAP or other mail clients.
With this account you will also be able to use Google's online services - Documents and Spreadsheets, Calendar, etc The Logon Page to access your mail account is here.

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