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First Headley Scout Group
Refurbishment of Scout Centre helps continued growth of Headley Scouts

Headley Scouts have now finished a 2 year programme of works on the Scout Centre in Beech Hill Road.
The Group now has 50-60 children aged 6- 14 using the hall every week supported by adult leaders, young leaders (former scouts who lead activities) and teenagers doing their Duke of Edinburgh service awards.
As the Group has grown over the last few years the facilities in the centre began to feel cramped and worn out. The main hall has been extended by taking out internal dividing walls, a new floor put in and new cupboards and storage built. The whole of the inside has been decorated. Outside the building has also been decorated and the waste ground behind the building levels and grassed over to provide more camping space.
The work was carried out by the parents and leaders wherever possible but grants from East Hants District Council and the Lottery supported the parts of the build that we were unable to do - such as using a digger to level the camping site. The
whole project was made possible by a grant from Headley Parish 2 years ago which was used to move the equipment stores, freeing up the space for all the other changes.
At the same time as all this work has been going on the Group itself has gone from strength to strength. The Beavers (Ages 6-8, Wednesdays) have a weekly programme of games and crafts as well as preparing themselves for Cubs with camping and outdoor activities. They also take part in a wide range of District events with other Beaver groups.

The Cubs (Ages 8 - 10½, Mondays) spent the summer focusing on their outdoor skills with climbing and abseiling at Alice Holt, shelter building and outdoor cookery finishing the term with the now traditional "Free For All Water Pistol Fight". Now that the evenings are dark they are concentrating on crafts and on a number of excellent trips and visits, in particular from the St John's Ambulance who brought a fully kitted out vehicle and demonstrated how to use the equipment.

The Scouts (ages 10½ to 14 Fridays).. . are pursuing many adventures as well as running their weekly programme of games and training on Friday nights. In the Spring we had two long hikes, one to Alice Holt in the dark and the other to the new tunnel on the A3. We had our traditional St George's day march through Alton with a large number of Scouts from around the district and the Boys Brigade band. The warmer weather of the summer allowed us to go camping and do many outdoor activities such orienteering, archery, go-karting and pioneering. The more rugged of the Scouts went to Backwoods Camp, which is camping without tents, where unfortunately we had torrential rain and everyone went home tired, sodden and happy. Our annual remembrance outing this year was to the DDay museum and the Submarine museum where the Scouts discovered more about what is involved in war and the meaning of remembrance.

The First Headley Shooting Team competed in the National Scout Shooting competition at Bisley for the third year and among the many successes was a Silver Medal for Edward Locke in the Full Bore Rifle. Edward will now join the National Team, the fourth of our scout to complete at this level.

Scout Groups do not run themselves, and for the current success in Headley a huge debt is owed to the leaders and parent helpers. We have a small number of places for children in the Beaver and Scout age groups, there is a waiting list for Cubs. We also need more leaders, so if you believe that working with young people locally is important and valuable or you have a skill that you want to develop in others we would like to hear from you at:

HeadleyScouts@hotmail.com or scouts@headley-village.com