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The 1997 AGM brought the return of Gilbert Burtenshaw to the helm as Club President. At the same time, the rules were altered to create the post of Trustee to the Sports Association and so recognising the responsibilities with the new arrangements. The Club gave an interest free loan of £1,000 to the Sports Association to help the completion. For the first time, the end of season get together was held in the new Pavilion. The new year was to be the first full one in the Pavilion and many lessons had to be learned about sharing facilities. The playing season suffered a month of extremely wet weather. This served to dampen our ardour and the results van best be described as average. However, membership remained high and a large number of them attended both the end of season get together and the AGM.

The AGM saw major changes to the management Committee with new faces in all positions except Internal Competition Secretary and Sports Association Trustee. Ken Lapworth was appointed President. As the 1998 season progressed there was still considerable activity within the Club and work on the Pavilion was progressed by volunteers, mostly Bowling Club members. On the Green, results were good and the Yellow team narrowly missed promotion by half a point. The season saw the innovation by the two captains, Jill Osland and Don Stephens of an annual Charity Day. Though the weather turned out to be dreadful on that first occasion, the members squeezed inside the Pavilion and indulged in a variety of fun events to donate £300 to the British Kidney Foundation. The event is now a fixture in our calendar and our members’ generosity appears to know no bounds.

A well-deserved award was made when the club presented Elizabeth Childs with Honorary Life Membership. Elizabeth had rendered outstanding service to the Club from its earliest days. She joined husband Bob on the Club’s roll of honour.

C Lapworth 1999
Corrinne Lapworth 1999

There was a buzz around the Club in the following year, 1999, both on and off the Green. Our competitions were brought to their present number by the introduction of the Novice Trophy. Car boot sale, Theatre trip, Charity Day and Candlelit Bowls with fish’n’chip supper were all highly successful. Individual members reached finals and semi-finals of outside events and this time the Yellow team made no mistake, romping to the Division 3 title. It almost became a league and cup double, but we were edged out in the Presidents Cup Final. The Presentation evening was enjoyed by 52 members, in the Pavilion.


The AGM, held in January 2000, brought a report from the established sub-committee on the possibility of extending the Green to 6 rinks. Costs ranged from £26,000 to £40,000 for the various schemes that were presented. It was agreed that further research into possible funding should be undertaken. The AGM saw Nancy Burtenshaw stand down as Competition Secretary. This brought an end to a remarkable twenty years of unbroken service on the Club Committee.

The Millennium year arrived with a splash, literally. The weather that year was particularly wet. Despite this the Club was a hive of activity. Patio areas were laid, benches constructed and a seat presented by Bob and Elizabeth was installed. Awnings were erected for the patio but their sunshade purpose more often became a rain shelter. A theatre trip to Chartwell, Charity Day and BBQ all proved very popular. Ann innovation that was to prove popular was the visit of a Bowling accessory ‘road show’ in May. This gave the members the opportunity to purchase needed bowling equipment and a percentage of the profit came to the Club. This has now become an annual event.

After the heady days of the previous season, results on the Green were a little disappointing. Attendance at the presentation Evening was, for the first time, also disappointing and at the AGM it was decided to seek a new venue. The AGM brought well deserved reward for Nancy and Gilbert Burtenshaw for their many years of dedication. They were both awarded Honorary Life Membership. So it was a proud Mr Burtenshaw who reported that the sub-committee of himself, Peter Osland and Don Stephens, had presented our submission to the Parish Council regarding an extension to the Green. This had been received favourably. The Parish Council undertook to investigate the possibility of purchasing the required amount of land from the owners, the Church Commissioners. A Diocesan representative had visited the site and uttered encouraging words. However, in view of the extremely protracted negotiations that had ensue over the original lease of the land, it would be wrong to anticipate early progress. As a result, the election of officers, Don Stephens assumed the role of President for the first time.

N&G Burtenshaw
Nancy and Gilbert Burtenshaw

No commemoration of the first years of Headley Bowling Club could be complete without a tribute to Nancy and Gilbert. They have served the Club continuously from the first steering committee up to the present. Over the years they have proved valuable representatives on outside committees. All the major decisions and indeed most of the procedures we use today have benefited from their input. They were and are bowlers of the highest quality. Nancy has held 12 internal competition titles and Gilbert 16. County honours have been achieved by them both. Space does not permit me to fully itemise their service, suffice to say that the award of Honorary Life Membership in 2001 recognised the breadth of it. Thank you Nancy and Gilbert!

Early in 2001, Gilbert Burtenshaw, received a further accolade when, following his nomination by the Club, he was presented with an award from White and District Sports Association for service to sport in the area. Amid all the upbeat activity, the Club received a bitter blow, when due to the reorganisation of the leagues following clubs dropping out, we were demoted to Division 3. Whilst somewhat disappointed by the method used, in the interest of fellowship, we accepted the decision and campaigned in the lower division. The season arrived and brought its now expected full programme of friendly and competitive games. If some of the zest had been lost in the league due to our perceived unlucky demotion, there was no lack of it in the cup competitions. After battling to the Final. We lost a close game in the Presidents Cup, but went one better when we triumphed by one shot in an extra end, in a thrilling Hunter Cup Final. Individual players also achieved good results in County and District competitions. The social scene was maintained with theatre, BBQ, Charity Day, Quiz Evening and for the first time for some years the Presentation Evening was held at an outside venue, (The Black Fox), with considerable success. The 2002 AGM saw the re-election of the majority of the committee and a small but important change to one Club Competition. The Bailey Mixed Four Wood singles, which had previously excluded Club Champions, became a fully open competition.

Whilst the wait to hear from the Church Commission dragged on, it was decided to carry out some work to improve our current surrounds. During the close season, work parties laboured (with the help of Youth Football) to improve access to the Green. Steps and a walkway were provided from the lower car park. This accessed a new rear gateway, which combine to provide an outside weather and kit shelter. It was much welcomed by members and visitors as 2002 progressed. It was at this time that news came through that although the Commissioners on the whole looked favourably on our scheme, the local farmer had refused to amend his legal right of way over the land. The Club quickly reassessed the position and decided to abandon the scheme for the present and use the accumulated funds to enhance the Green as it currently was. It was felt that we should improve the surrounds to match the playing surface. An ambitious scheme was drawn up. The patio area would be extended, the sides of the green raised and given a paved edging, safety fencing and gates provided, additional seating areas and a number of flower beds created. Work commenced immediately and members have beavered at it since.

work party
Work Party

The weather was very kind during the season and the Club was once again very busy on and off the Green. Results proved average but there was an air of enjoyment throughout the Club. Perhaps the highlight was our celebration of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, which we marked with a match against Petersfield. The Pavilion and Green were decorated in Red, White and Blue. Her Majesty’s portrait looking down on the tea table set as for a banquet. The President donated a small trophy to cement the goodwill between the two Clubs and to be played annually. We also joined the celebrations on the Village Green where our novelty bowling game proved very popular, only fitting as she is the England Bowling Association Patron. Car boot, theatre, bowls road show and Charity Day all proved very successful.

2002 Presentation Evening
2002 Presentation Evening

The presentation Evening was as usual, well attended.  A week later, 28 members enjoyed an excellent break at a Sports Hotel in Devon.

Samples taken during the close season revealed that the dreaded Honey Fungus, first mentioned in 1984, had taken a fatal grip on large sections of the privet hedge at the Pavilion end of the Green. The Parish Council acting on advice, took the inevitable decision that drastic surgery should be carried out, and the whole hedge section was removed.

Incidentally, young footballers were still trying out their boots and the Mole had returned for his regular visit. Replacement of the hedge, with a close boarded fence, coincided with the erection of our safety fence and gates. For years, playing at the Pavilion end had resembled Russian Roulette with cricket balls flying in. The new fence ensured an anxiety free game. In purchasing the fence, we were greatly helped by grants of £500 and £1,000 from the Parish Council and East Hants District Council, respectively. 

Early in 2003 saw the introduction of our newsletter. Like all of these, contributions are a little spasmodic but it’s still going strong, a tribute to the Treasurer and now Editor, Peter Osland. The social side was booming but all activity off the Green seemed to have had a  detrimental effect on it. The competitive year nose-dived with early exits from the Top Club, County Sixteen, Thornbery, Hunter and Presidents Cups. The lowest point came with the yellow team’s relegation to Division 4, though the Green team attained a very respectable third place. It was then in true Headley tradition that we emerged from the ashes of a disastrous season to win the Petersfield Cup for the first time. Victory came all the more sweeter being against our nearest friends and rival, Liphook.

Black Fox Presentation evening
Black Fox Presentation Evening

Use of our Green was again requested and the Presidents Cup Final was played on it. All players commented on the quality of the Green. Another successful Presentation Evening at the Black Fox preceded another trip to Devon, this time with 40 members.

At the 2004 AGM, all the principal members of the committee were re-elected. The highlight of the evening was the award to Norman Disney of Honorary Life Membership. President, Don Stephens, paid a glowing tribute for his contribution to the club over almost twenty years and presented him with a framed certificate.

Norman Disney
Norman Disney

A new venture heralded 2004 when in March, 10 members enjoyed a week bowling in sunny Spain. It proved to be a great success. During the pre-season the President negotiated a deal to take over the concrete tennis building that had served as our machine store during Pavilion work in 1996. Once again enlisting the help of the Youth Football Chairman, the metal verandah you see today, was constructed and fitted. The roof was replaced and extended and today’s mini-pavilion was created. At the same time the grand plan was reaching it’s final stages. The chain guard fence for the Green was complete, paving laid and flower beds created. A seating area was provided, which included a seat in memory of much-loved previous Ladies captain, Jill Osland, donated by her family.

The social side was, as usual, healthy. A skittles evening in the Pavilion opened events; theatre; bowls road show; BBQ and Charity Day, all hugely successful. The latter provided an astonishing £760 for Alzheimer’s; not bad from fifty people.

On the Green, there was a very enjoyable programme. The friendlies were as numerous and the outside competitions yielded moderate success, a narrow loss in the semi-final of the Presidents Cup. The season’s success story came with the last league match. The Yellow team entered it one point behind the league leaders. In a tremendously exciting finish, all five points were gained with the very last wood and with it the Division 4 championship by just half a point.

The Presentation Evening was another success, with over 50 members present. The now annual holiday of sport and craft at Oakhampton increased in it’s numbers again and received full marks.

Editors Note: Many Thanks to Don Stephens and Bob Rawlinson for putting together the History of the Club in the Silver Jubilee pamphlet, which has been used extensively for me to compile our history so far from 1948-2004.

Watch this space for the next phase of this club’s history, 2005 onwards .

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