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Posted by Sylvia Burrows 11 January 2021

The Hundred Club draw for December was drawn by Anne yesterday and the results are as follows:-
1st No 48 V Robinault
2nd No 3 S Moss
3rd No32 J Weston
4th No 1 Alan Pascoe

9th December 2020

Annual General Meeting 2021

Headley Bowling Club Management Committee met on the 7th December ( via "Zoom") and it was agreed that we will postpone January's 2021 AGM in the hope that COVID 19 rules will be relaxed and perhaps we can meet in February. The Committee we will meet again in January to discuss the way forward.

If members have any nominations for the 2021 Committee that you would like to put forward please let Sylvia Burrows kno

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 8 December 2020
November's 100 Club draw was made last night results as follows
1st No 2 P Osland
2nd No 59 Ann Pascoe
3rd No 41 T Soar
4th No 3 S Moss

Message from Headley Bowls President Don Stephens 11th November 2020


I have decided to stand down as an officer of the Bowling Club at our next AGM.

By then I will have been your President for a total of 18 years. In that time I have been immensely proud and privileged to represent everyone as members, and friends!.
Over those years we have together helped to develop Headley Bowling Club into the welcoming home it is today, and ensure a sound basis going forward.
Good bowling


Posted by Sylvia Burrows 8 November 2020
Here is the result of the October draw for the Hundred Club

1st No 13 A Holman
2nd No 32 J Weston
3rd No 51 C Ray
4th No 3 J Bettger

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 12 October 2020

The draw has been made for September as follows

1st No 11 L Hind
2nd No 11 B Jordan
3rd No 56 W Pethers
4th No 52 C Ray

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 7 September 2020

The draw has been made for August as follows

1st No 26 P Berry
2nd No 1 A Pascoe
3rd No 36 T Sturt
4th No 56 W Pethers

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 13 August 2020

The draw has been made for July results as follows

1st No 6 J Milton
2nd No 27 J Bettger
3rd No 10 M Knight
4th No 44 E Saunders

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 14 July 2020

The June draw for the Hundred Club has been drawn; results as follows:

1st No 1 Alan Pascoe
2nd No 9 Corrinne Lapworth 
3rd No 30 Patti Archer
4th No 18 Dot Davey

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 8 June 2020

The Hundred Club has been drawn for May results as follows

  • 1st No 37 P Sturt
  • 2nd No 50 N Roberts
  • 3rd No 30 P Archer
  • 4th No 20 P Clifford

Please contact Chris for prize monies, you can have a bank transfer or Chris will hold over the money until we all meet again!


Following further advice from Bowls England lawn bowling can now take place but on the strict rules as follows:-

We are looking at resuming bowling at Headley on 1st June, as in the BE guidance we will restrict the numbers to 2 from the same household or 2 from different households per rink as long as social distancing is observed at all times.

 There will be a rink booking system operated by Sylvia, with 2 rinks available with sessions as follows

  • 11.30am – 1pm.
  • 1.30pm – 3.00pm
  • 3.30.pm – 5.00pm
  • 5.30pm – 7.pm

With a 30 minute break between sessions this will allow for the sanitising of the equipment used and leaving the premises before the next session, this should give us 4 sessions per day seven days a week.

Play will only be allowed on alternate rinks in accordance with the following:-

Week 1 June 1st – 7th Rinks 1 and 3 colour RED

Week 2 June 8th -14th Rinks 1 and 3 colour YELLOW

Week 3 June 15th – 21st Rinks 1 and 3 colour BROWN 

Week 4 June 22nd – 28th Rinks 2 and 4 colour BROWN

Week 5 June 29th – July 5th Rinks 1 and 3 colour BLUE

Week 6 July 6th – 12th Rinks 1 and 3 colour GREEN.

To ensure availability for all wishing to play, players are initially limited to booking 3 sessions a week.

We will NOT be using any of the following equipment:

  • Pushers
  • Scoreboards
  • Chalk
  • Ditch Markers
  • 2m Sticks


The following can be used

  • Mat – one person to set mat each end
  • Bowls (only handle your own bowls)
  • Jack- 2 per rink one person to set each end.
  • Rink Markers
  • Gloves
  • Scorecards (one person filling in if required)
  • Bowling Lifter if required ( to be used by one person only)


We would ask you to provide your own disinfectant i.e. Dettol Wipes for all the equipment you use this to include wiping all door handles keys and padlocks.
Please arrive by car near the time set for your session this giving the previous sessions time to clear the premises.
The clubhouse will remain closed for the foreseeable future, the toilet facilities will be reviewed nearer the date.
We would ask you to take all rubbish home with you.

Full details are available on the Bowls England website bearing in mind that all the guidance is for individual clubs to adapt as required 

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 5 April 2020

The 100 Club was drawn today by the Ladies captain; results as follows:-

  • 1st No 5 D Milton
  • 2nd No 34 C Worrell
  • 3rd No 27 J Bettger
  • 4th No 50 N Roberts

2020 Season- Covid-19 

In accordance with Bowls Hampshire and Bowls England guidelines we have decided to delay the opening until July which means there will be no bowling and socialising at the club. This will all be reviewed in July. There will no County or National Competitions and the Three Counties Leagues will also be delayed which will probably mean they will be cancelled for this year. We will update you when we get more information.

The Guidelines can be seen on the BH/ BE websites.

A Message from Club Captain - John Milton 

20th April 2020

Hope you are all keeping well and sane through this unprecedented and difficult time.
As today is supposed to be this seasons opening of the green I enclose a link here to photos of 10 previous openings.

You will see faces older and newer and some of members sadly no longer with us.
Hopefully we will all be meeting up again on the green in the not too distant future. Luckily in these days of the internet we can all keep in touch with our families, rather than just talk on the phone.

Keep safe and best wishes


The 100 Club was drawn last night results as follows:-

1st No 8 T Longland

2nd No 28 R Barrett

3rd No 56 W Pethers

4th No 18 D Davey

Posted by Chris Holman 14 January 2020

The last 100 club draw for 2019 took place at the AGM and the results were as follows:

  • 1st No 14 V Robinault
  • 2nd No 21 A Rawlinson
  • 3rd No 12 E Saunders
  • 4th No 1 J Weston

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 14 January 2020

At the AGM last night it was agreed that perhaps we could bring back our annual trip to The Manor House Hotel at Okehampton. The club organised this trip for many years and it was always enjoyed by those who went, it is usually arranged for 5 nights in November and this includes 3 meals a day and many activities to take part in and have fun. If you are interested please email Janet Pactat at: jpactat@hotmail.co.com or telephone on 01428 751620.

Posted by Sylvia Burrows 11 January 2020

The first 100 club draw for 2020 took place at the Special AGM and the results were as follows:

  • No 46 J Rocket
  • No 58 R Pactat
  • No 16 M Gadd
  • No 3 B Jordan

The Hundred Club for January was drawn at the special AGM meeting