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I would first like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2022.   I am sorry to have to report that we have postponed the planned visit from our friends in Corné which was to have taken place in May 2022.

I had emailed our members in October 2021 and at that time only six families were willing to host. Our partners in France planned to bring forty people. In normal circumstances we would have expected to be able to find additional host families closer to May but with Covid people were unable to commit themselves. The committee was worried, but we hoped that we would be able to find extra host families and began to make plans for the expected visit.

December brought us the dreadful news of the Omicron variant and the uncertainty that it would cause. Currently both England and France have very high numbers of those infected with Omicron and although we are hoping that it is a milder the virus it is still spreading at an alarming rate. We still do not know the affect that it will have on the older population. The Health services in both countries are under great strain.

Our committee contacted the committee of the Twinning Association in Corné and sadly made the joint decision to postpone the planned visit. This decision was made just before Christmas.

We were unable to delay the decision further as the coach and ferry places had already been booked. Places on the ferry have to be booked a year in advance. By postponing the visit from our French friends now, they will be able to get a refund on their deposit which I believe will be nearly £2,000. If it had been left any later they would have lost their deposit. The half term week in May is the most expensive time to travel.

I really am sorry that we have had to make this decision. Let's hope that next year it's third time lucky!


and from Corné...