Headley Horticultural Society

Despite having to cancel so much this year the committee have continued to “meet”, albeit after the February meeting by Zoom. At the most recent meeting in early October it was decided that, although we knew there could be no meetings for members this year, we should aim to start again in 2021 with the Spring Show at the end of March. The schedule of classes for all the shows will be the same as that for 2020 and all talks and visits will also be carried over, just the dates will change.

There will be no AGM this year, but all the committee members will continue to serve for another year and the accounts will be audited as usual. It was also agreed that all current members should have a “subscription holiday” in 2021 and this will mean that everyone will have their schedule and membership card put through their letterbox in the New Year and the deliverers will not have to knock on doors to collect any cash. There will also be the usual newsletter this month with all the above information.

There is also a request for articles for future newsletters from member and it was suggested that perhaps we could hear of any garden improvements that have been carried during “lockdown”, maybe with some “before and after” photos, in true makeover style. Perhaps they could even be published here in the Parish Magazine (thus giving your current correspondent a break from trying to think up something to write about every month!)

Jennifer Mitchell