Headley Horticultural Society

The Plant Sale

As I write this the future is looking a little more positive and, although things may change, let us hope that next year we will be able to enjoy some of our meetings and events once again.
As a Society we only have one fund-raising event during the year and that is the Plant Sale. This is due to take place on the 8th May 2021. The success of this event is very dependent on members providing enough healthy and interesting plants to attract the buyers, and every year we ask for as many donations as possible.

The autumn and early winter are the time that we “tidy up” our gardens and maybe re-assess what we are growing. Plants get moved and divided and sometimes discarded and this is the time to pot up all those divisions and unwanted flowers and shrubs, as well as all those pieces that inevitably fall off when anything is dug up. These should be labelled and then they can be put to one side over the winter – in the Spring they should start into life again and by May you will have some lovely plants to bring along on the day.

Overwintering plants like fuchsias and pelargoniums will provide lots of cuttings in the Spring and a few extra would not take up too much room and can also be donated. One of the pleasures of gardening is the lure of a seed catalogue and we all spend many happy hours deciding which variety we would like to grow; perhaps a few extra packet of seeds could produce a few trays of bedding plants, always popular, especially if they are in flower.

Not only do we need plants to sell but we need people to come along and buy, so please do put the date in your diary and come along and help make the day a success.

(Remember, any unwanted “Gardening-related” Christmas presents can also be recycled at the sale!)

Jennifer Mitchell