Headley Horticultural Society

On the 16th September the first of the Autumn lectures commenced with Margaret Lennard who came to talk about "Growing Forage for Bees'.

This was, of course, the first such meeting for many months and although the audience may have been smaller than usual everyone was pleased to be back and eager to listen to Margaret's talk.

The first slide we were shown was one of a basket of fruit and vegetables all of which must be pollinated to grow, but not all pollinators are bees;  moths, butterflies and hummingbirds among others also performing this vital task. In fact, the bar of chocolate that we all enjoy will also need a pollinator and, in this case, it was midges, which surprised many.

There followed some more beautiful slides, many of Margaret's own garden full of bee-friendly plants as Margaret is also a beekeeper. She was particularly keen for gardeners to grow winter flowering plants as this is the time that bees find it most difficult to find food; not only do they need the nectar but also the pollen which is a source of protein for them.

Margaret brought along several jars of honey to show the difference in colour and texture that occurs when the bees feed on certain types of plants and she suggested that to really enjoy honey we should try to buy from a local producer and not the supermarket!


The Society's AGM will be held on the 18th November.  Evening talks resume in the New Year.

Jennifer Mitchell